Monday, November 9


Just like blogspot. Or may be I'm out of practice and don't remember how to use this editor.

Sunday, December 9

Routeburn Falls

Early-ish morning near Routeburn Falls hut.
To me, this photo looks weird because it covers such a wide angle vertically. 


Did you know this is how a pohutukawa flower opens? Well, I didn't.

Shot using 105mm micro.

Saturday, December 8

Kepler Panorama Trifecta

I don't normally use this aspect ratio (1:2.5) but it was one of the standard settings in Lightroom. It would be a tad shorter (horizontally) than the 6x17 panoramic cameras.

The first two photos are from more or less the same spot. First one at sunset, facing north west, and the second one is sunrise, facing north east.

Although I'm completely in love with my 16-35mm zoom, it seems to have flared a bit in those two photos. Oh well, serves me right for shooting straight into the sun.

Thursday, November 8

Silo Park

This is the first post in a very long while. I like this photo, although there's nothing much going on.

Extra points if you can figure out what I've done in the post.

Wednesday, June 6


Some sheeps in One Tree Hill. Strange aspect ratio and all.